Top Ten on Kitchen Wish Lists

February 5, 2018

The Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence recently conducted a study on kitchen preferences of families with kids and determined the top 10 kitchen wish list items. Respondents were asked this question: If you were creating your ideal kitchen, which of the following would you most want in the kitchen if cost were not a factor?

Here are the interesting results from the study, #1 being the most desired feature:

#1 Cooktop that features a built-in griddle, wok grill or rotisserie attachment
#2 Large dishwasher that accommodates a wider variety of dishes
#3 Commercial or professional-grade appliances
#4 Central island cooktop
#5 Double oven
#6 Oven that dramatically reduces cooking time without microwaves
#7 Faucet with built-in water filter
#8 Customized storage solutions in cabinets
#9 Hands-free, motion-sensor faucet
#10 A separate full refrigerator and full freezer, side by side

So what about you? What feature would you most desire in your ideal kitchen?

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