Tips on remodeling your bathroom

April 19, 2016

Second only to kitchen remodels, overhauling a bathroom is one of the most popular—and expensive—home improvement projects undertaken by the typical homeowner. Renovating your bathroom can add functionality, improve its aesthetics, and boost the value of your home, but what’s the best way to proceed? Because we’re in the cabinet business, we’re going to focus on the basic purpose of even having bathroom cabinets: storage. Let’s start with that most ubiquitous of bathroom cabinets: the medicine cabinet.


Most shallow medicine cabinets—and likely the one you have now—are too small. Consider thinking outside the typical medicine cabinet box by looking at the total wall space available in your bathroom. If you have an unused wall you have an opportunity to dramatically expand your storage space. A wall cabinet that’s several feet high but only six inches deep doesn’t take up much room while giving you additional space to store more of your stuff.  By adding a full-size mirror to the front and a few hooks on the side you can further maximize the usability of what was previously unusable space.


Of course every bathroom has a shower or tub, and that area of your bathroom is likely to have additional empty space that can be utilized for storage purposes. Again, it’s about converting unused space into usable space. Look for places where smaller cabinets or shelving can be installed and easily accessed.


The corners of any room—including your bathroom—are typically empty space. By installing corner cabinets or simple shelving, you can create substantially more space for storing towels, washcloths, toilet paper and other bathroom essentials. You may also consider deploying vertically stacked hanging baskets in a corner. Hanging baskets fit nicely into tight corners that often go to waste and make room for more cabinets and counter space.


Finally, don’t forget about the inside of your bathroom door. That hook your bathrobe hangs on isn’t the only way to get more use out of that space. Consider adding a simple shelf above the lintel or attaching hangers or a storage basket to the door.


Remodeling your bathroom is a substantial investment that you want to get right the first time. At Osburn Cabinets & Design we are experts in designing storage solutions that make the most of the space you have while creating a look you can be proud of. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, see us first. Just give us a call at 970-243-5802 and schedule an appointment to visit our showroom at 682 W. Gunnison Avenue in Grand Junction.

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