Merillat Cabinetry debuts new gray color

February 24, 2016

Merillat Cabinetry, one of our quality kitchen and bathroom cabinet providers, now has a new gray paint selection, Shale, available in 19 door styles. Shale offers a soft, warm gray that pairs nicely with other neutrals and stains. Its clean, fresh look also works well with metal finishes, adding a contemporary feel to any kitchen or bath.

Shale was released following increasing demand for strong base colors from Merillat Cabinetry’s customers. Gray as a base color is considered a mainstay for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It is long lasting and allows for additional colors to apply to the interior design, and Shale fits a unique space with the gray spectrum of cabinet colors.

To check out Merillat’s new paint options for cabinets, see all our national brand name cabinet lines, or see what we can do for you in custom cabinetry designed exclusively for your home, visit the Osburn Cabinets & Design Showroom today.

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