Long-time employee of Osburn Cabinets takes the reins as new owner

January 19, 2021

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.– Chad Brandon, a 22-year employee of Osburn Cabinets & Designs, has secured 100% interest in the company and became president on January 1st, 2021. Brandon purchased the firm from Marty Kolonel who acquired Osburn & Sons Cabinets from founder Bill Osburn, Sr. in 1994.

Brandon started as a delivery driver with Osburn in 1999 and worked his way up, progressively taking on more responsibility in the manufacturing of custom cabinetry and architectural millwork for which the company is known. He worked on the shop floor in assembly, milling, parts cutting and finishing, then received additional training in AutoCAD and the implementation of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining. Brandon has served in a variety of positions at Osburn, including Plant Manager, Production Manager, Operations Manager and General Manager.

“I’ve spent the last two decades in on-the-job-training,” said Brandon. “While I’ve taken formalized courses in a variety of disciplines such as

Chad Brandon owner Osburn Cabinets

Long-time employee Chad Brandon took ownership of Osburn Cabinets & Design on Jan. 1, 2021.

AutoCAD and CNC operation, I learned the most about how to own and operate a business from Marty Kolonel. Marty has an MBA and a long, successful career in both corporate management and business ownership. He worked with me directly over the last 10 years to develop my skills in leadership, people management and financial management. He gave me an education I couldn’t have received anywhere else, and for that I’m grateful.”

“As manager, Chad was instrumental in implementing new and upgraded processes for production planning, computer software and direct office to shop processes for the CNC machines,” said Kolonel. “He created and fostered customer and supplier relations, lowered costs, assembled Osburn’s team of employees and subcontractors, and ensured the long-term stability of both. Sales and profitability grew significantly during his management tenure and when it came time to pass the torch, I knew the company would be in good hands.”

Osburn Cabinets & Design was opened in 1974 as a manufacturer of high-quality custom wood cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. In 2002 the company acquired the capability to provide commercial cabinetry and architectural millwork to contractors, architects, and large-scale commercial properties. In 2010 Osburn was certified as an approved Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) Quality Certified Manufacturer. Today, Osburn Cabinets & Design uses the latest design and production technologies to serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the Western United States. They offer their own “Signature Line” of custom designed and manufactured cabinetry in addition to a full range of competitively priced national brand name cabinets.

All Osburn’s custom cabinets and millwork features are designed and manufactured at the company’s 16,000 sq. ft. production facility at 682 W. Gunnison Avenue in Grand Junction. For more information about Osburn Cabinets & Design, check out more of our website.

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