Latest Cabinet Trends

May 11, 2016

If you’re considering new cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room, your first consideration in style and design stems, of course, from your personal taste and the overall design theme of your home. But it’s always interesting to consider some of the latest cabinet trends and what’s hot and what’s not in cabinetry.

Simple and clean-lined cabinets are very much in vogue right now, though a bit more adornment is starting to become more popular, with textural elements and smaller-scale design elements such as moldings and onlays that add a layer of texture, especially for kitchen cabinets.

There is also a growing interest in design elements that enhance organization. That means cabinet components that simplify use, including integrated lighting and interior fittings that maximize storage.

One of today’s hottest design trends is the use of LED lighting. This new technology allows low-profile lighting to be placed nearly anywhere within a cabinet console, maximizing visual access. It also makes it easy to create lighting that turns on automatically when the cabinet is opened and goes off when it’s closed.

Also becoming more popular is textural interest, both in rustic cabinet door styles that showcase the grain of the wood, and in layered painted colors that add visual texture. Another popular trend is adding visual texture to glass inserts in cabinets with acid-etched opaque designs. Likewise, woven wire grilles and other unique effects are becoming trendy tools to create a custom look in kitchen cabinets. For contemporary kitchens, modern-looking wicker-style moldings or custom embossed moldings are being used for everything from cabinet door onlays to crown inserts.

All of these trends have a common theme: personalization. Homeowners today want their kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and dens to reflect their own unique style. New offerings such as pull-out tables and customized pet-centers are making cabinetry more functional, more customized, and more personal.

At Osburn Cabinets & Design we make it easy for you to customize cabinets to fit your unique style. Our team of design experts can help you understand the choices you can make in cabinet style, design and functionality. Stop by our showroom today or contact us to request an on-site estimate.

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