Osburn Cabinets & Design has been in business since 1974. Our reputation has allowed our business to survive and thrive because of the product quality and customer service we provide.

Here are a few FAQs to help provide a bit more information about the process of how we work.

What do the Quotes include?

Our quotes usually include the cabinets, delivery and cabinet installation. However, a client can pick-up and install their own cabinets. If you choose a countertop material from our showroom or bring in the name of a countertop material, we can also include options for the countertops (and sometimes sinks) on the quote. We are usually able to match or get you a lower price on countertops, than if you purchase directly from a countertop fabricator.


What will be reviewed prior to signing the contract?

Before the signing of a contract, we will review all of the samples for the different choices in your project. We will show you the details of the kitchen cabinets and accessories. We will give you copies of the details/plans of the cabinets and locations of accessories after a deposit has been paid. Please see attached policy regarding our design services.


Do we have to pay for the cabinets prior to ordering them?

Our company policy is for the client to pay half of the entire project upfront. When the cabinets are here and ready to be delivered, we are paid the remainder due, including the installation prior to delivery. (We must pay our installers every 2 weeks and often that falls within days of their completing their installations for us.)


When will your cabinets be delivered?

We can usually give you an approximate lead time before we sign a contract, but we will not know when the cabinets will be delivered until the order has been placed with our cabinet vendor. These times are out of our control and COVID-19 has affected their timing.


When will the installation begin? By whom? How long will the installation take?

Until we know when the cabinets will be delivered, we cannot schedule an installer. We will not know who nor exactly when our installers will be available until the cabinet manufacturer provides us with that information.


How long will the installation take?

We expect most kitchen installations to take anywhere between 1 day and about a week, but this all depends on how many cabinets are being installed and how complicated the project is. Though, unforeseen issues can arise that are out of our control, no discounts will be given if the installation is not completed within the expected period of time. If an issue does arise, we will address it in a timely manner.

We hope this addresses your questions.
Please contact your Designer if you have any additional questions