The evolution of cabinet-making & architectural millwork

September 15, 2016

Back in March of 1974, when Bill Osburn Sr. first opened a family-owned custom cabinet shop, he took out a small loan to borrow the tools he needed to ply his trade:

  • Table saw
  • Radial arm saw
  • Routers
  • Air compressor
  • Drills
  • Spray guns

He had no computers, no design software, and no digitally programmed machines to make his job easier. Only his rudimentary tools, skills as a cabinet maker, and passion for crafting the best cabinets possible shaped the foundation of the Osburn brand.

Forty-two years later, Bill Osburn’s legacy as a custom craftsman is still embedded in the culture of Osburn Cabinets & Design. His passion for excellence continues to be reflected in every cabinet we make. What has changed—and changed radically—are the technology and tools we now use to help assure that excellence.

With the advance of technology and the acquisition of specialized equipment, Osburn Cabinets can design and manufacture wood products of which Bill Sr. could only have dreamed.  These advances include Computer Numerical Controlled (CNCs) and an integrated process that utilizes software at the design stage to augment the machines by precisely generating hole locations for construction methods and hardware placement. Once the design is complete, the programs generated are sent directly to the machines.

This integration of technology, from design to planning to machine, has opened up a new world of manufacturing possibilities while ensuring accuracy, quality and efficiency.  This technology, combined with better management, training, production planning and customer care has allowed Osburn Cabinets to become an industry leader in commercial millwork, residential cabinetry, and retail design and service.

From the basic cabinet-making tools of yesterday to the sophisticated technology of today, Osburn Cabinets & Design has led the way in advancing the art and science of custom cabinetry and architectural millwork. Today, virtually no design idea is too big or complex to bring to completion. If you can conceive of it we can design, build and deliver it. If you have an idea for custom cabinets or architectural millworks, let Osburn Cabinets & Design put our legacy of excellence and state-of-the-art technology to work for you.

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