How to design your kitchen cabinets

October 10, 2016

One of the most frequent questions we get here at Osburn Cabinets & Design is, “How do I design new cabinets for my kitchen?”

Here are some tips:

Simply replacing doors and hardware may seem like the simplest solution. However, replacement cabinets are often no more expensive and offer greater opportunities to create a fresh new look with updated design features.

The first step is to consider the overall configuration of your kitchen. In smaller kitchens especially, the size and shape of the room will often dictate your cabinet design. Kitchens come in four basic layouts with some custom variations:  L-shaped, U-shaped, Galley, and Island.

An L-shaped layout typically has cabinets along all or part of two adjoining walls. This layout offers the opportunity for a large corner pantry or cabinets that extend to the ceiling, providing ample storage space without sacrificing floor space.

In a U-shaped layout, cabinets can cover three walls if you need the storage space or, if seating is at a premium, one length of the U may be used as a breakfast bar. This configuration provides maximum storage and appliance capacity, but floor space is limited.

A galley layout features cabinets on opposing walls and is typically seen in a narrow kitchen. Here, wall space can be used to its maximum storage capacity with floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

An island layout is typically used in larger kitchens and provides the opportunity to move appliances like the stove away from the walls, opening up the perimeter for cabinet storage. Or, if the island is used for seating, additional cabinetry may be placed under the island.

Once you have a good idea of how you want your new cabinets to fit into your kitchen layout, your next step is to consider your appliances. The refrigerator, oven/stove, dishwasher and kitchen sink form the functional foundation of your kitchen and you’ll want to design your cabinets around them. That means your cabinets must match or complement the color and style of your appliances.   For example, if your appliances are sleek and modern, you probably don’t want to choose cabinets that are of a traditional style. The same goes for your counter tops and flooring.

Next, consider how you use your kitchen and how your cabinets can best support that use. For example, if you do a lot of baking your kitchen cabinets should be designed and configured to store your bakeware convenient to your oven and with easy access.

As you’re designing your new kitchen cabinets, always keep in mind your cabinets’ primary function: storage. Again, think about how you use your kitchen and what you need to store. If you spend a lot of time cooking and have a lot of pots, pans and other cookware, make sure you have enough space to store it all while keeping everything accessible. And don’t forget about nonperishable food as well as all the serving dishes, glassware, silverware and other utensils you’ll want easy access to. Pantries and cabinets that extend to the ceiling are a great way to maximize your storage space. And to increase convenience and accessibility, consider options like lazy susans, pull-out shelving, and toe-kick storage.

Once you have formulated some ideas about what design and style you’re looking for, it’s time to call in the experts at Osburn Cabinets & Design. Getting us involved early can save you both time and money. We will guide you through the process every step of the way, using our expertise to help you make the best decisions in the layout and functionality of your new kitchen. Osburn carries many lines of cabinetry choices, from the most economical to our beautiful signature line. Give us a call at 970-243-5802 to schedule a meeting with our cabinet design experts. Using computer generated design and our showroom of various cabinet styles, wood types and colors, we can help you finalize your vision of a new kitchen and give you a clear idea of what your kitchen will look like. We look forward to helping your design the kitchen cabinets of your dreams!


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