Custom millwork soundproofing for first responders

July 24, 2019

Working near ambulances can be loud business, which is why Aspen Ambulance contacted us to create some custom millwork soundproofing panels for their office corridor that look like a feature wall. The result are custom slat walls that will have black acoustical sound board behind them to dull the noises from the station. This custom millwork will be on all sides of the corridor, with the longest custom feature wall measuring between 160 inches and 370 inches long. Osburn will pre-assemble all the walls as much as possible so that our installers can simply affix to the wall, speeding up the installation process once on-site. The walls are not only completely functional in blocking sound, but they add a substantial bit of visual interest to the station and warm the interior. This project will be installed by the end of the week!

Custom millwork soundproof feature wall-Staining acoustic slats 20190723_153246

Staining the slats for the custom millwork acoustic wall.

Assembled custom millwork Acoustic panel section 20190723_153219

A portion of the assembled custom millwork feature wall that will have acoustic soundboard behind it to dull noises.

Acoustical soundboard for panels 20190723_153121

Acoustical soundboard that will be used as backer to the custom millwork slat walls.

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